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(...) 4Choice team approached the various challenges we proposed with great professional rigor and was always committed to delivering valuable content that enhanced professional practice, in this case, for pharmacy professionals. Moreover, something we appreciated about the 4Choice team is that regardless of the nature of the project, we always felt they sought to innovate and turn training sessions/webinars into light and enriching learning experiences.

Theater-based training is an original and innovative format, capable of capturing the attention and interest of even the most inattentive individuals. It allows us to more easily memorize the topics, so this format makes perfect sense; not only does it capture attention, but it also remains present longer in our lives as healthcare professionals. Moreover, the training itself becomes an enjoyable cultural moment, breaking away from traditional training formats. I congratulate the organization on the excellent development of theater-mode training! Art and science can unite, and this is just one demonstration.

4Choice is marking a paradigm shift in pharmaceutical training. The team is highly credible and qualified, with a strong emphasis on soft skills. In addition to their scientific and technical expertise inherent to their role as trainers, they are empathetic and fun individuals, making collaboration effortless. They embrace challenges with a desire to always improve, unafraid to take risks and innovate. It's wonderful to have partners like them. Keep up the excellent work!